Jason Himmelstein Regional Convention Scholarship

In 2003, the Jason Himmelstein SWUSY Scholarship Fund was established in honor of past AAUSY advisor and Regional Director, Jason Himmelstein.   Scholarships will be awarded from this fund to deserving USYers across the region, so that they may attend Regional Convention.  Each spring, up to seven scholarships of $150 each will be awarded to USYers who demonstrate financial need, as well as meeting the additional criteria detailed below.

The guidelines for USYers applying are as follows:

  1. Any SWUSY USYer in good standing is eligible for this scholarship.
  2. Primary consideration will be given to financial need of applicants.
  3. Additional criteria for this scholarship are participation, service and leadership in USY.
  4. The applicant shall write a 300 – 500 word essay explaining his/her involvement and accomplishments in USY.
  5. Youth directors/advisors must submit a written recommendation for each of his/her chapter’s applicants (no longer than one page) to the regional office.  This should include information about financial need of the applicant.
  6. The additional scholarship form pages must also be completedThese pages will be added to your Regional Convention application once adding a Regional Convention fee to your cart and choosing to apply for the scholarship on the “Himmelstein Scholarship Overview” form.
  7. A committee made up of the regional youth director, Regional President, and other lay/professional leadership will review essays and announce scholarship recipients shortly thereafter.
  8. The regpack forms, essay, and recommendation must be complete/received by May 7th, 2017. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Please note the following additional requirements for applying for the Himmelstein scholarship:
  • You must place a deposit of at least $100, or provide email documentation that you will be receiving a scholarship from a different source of at least that amount. This deposit will be refundable for a short period of time if you complete all requirements for the scholarship application, but do not get selected for the scholarship.
  • If you register before the end of the early bird deadline, and provide the above mentioned deposit or scholarship, this will lock your early bird price while you wait to hear about the scholarship.
  • All required forms in your application must be complete.

If you have any questions, please contact the regional director at jacobs@uscj.org.

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