Happy Passover from SWUSY

Dear SWUSYites and SWUSY families,

We want to wish everyone a wonderful, meaningful Passover holiday. As we ...

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SA/TO Down South: Education by Mirah Gordon

  Education is not something we think about much. It comes as easily as breathing or blinking and to many of us, it’s something we’ve never had to worry about, and often complain about. I feel fortunate that I’ve had access to a wonderful education in my life, as I’m sure many people reading this also have, but now close your eyes and imagine something. Imagine a brother and sister who have to sit outside of ...

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Denomination ‘Drama’ by EMTZAnik Jake Klaiman

  Jews across the world have always had an interesting relationship with each other. Jewish Communities across the nation are as tight-knit as sardines in a can. Seriously, my grandma has had the same Jewish friends she has gossiped with since she was 10, and she’s 71. I have had the same best friends since I was three for crying out loud, and they’re all from my Jewish preschool. Even with this close bond that all Jews feel ...

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Why It’s Important by BZUSY Kadimanik Madison Nadler

This piece was written by Kadimanik Madison Nadler of BZUSY. She wrote it as a Historical Paper entry for a contest and won! Congrats Madison!

I regret to say that Appendix I and II mentioned in Madison’s article could not be attached to this post due to technical difficulties. -Bayle G.

Bombs, prejudice, and terrorism.  Many are familiar with the words, but how many have experienced their effects first-hand?  For years, Judea was a safe country for the Jewish people, until ...

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The Real Love Story of SWEMTZA by EMTZAnik Libby Fern

  Once upon a time, in a state far away, two regions fell in love and slowly became one.

(Okay maybe Maury and Ethan haven’t fully approved the merge, but we’re working on it.)

Okay back to the story…

  As a sophomore walking into my first International Convention knowing only EMTZA people, it was kind of scary. Being at the Baltimore airport, BWI, after over 8 hours of traveling and layovers, it was a ...

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Bench Instead of Binge-Watch This Summer by President Rachel Shapiro

It’s Not Too Late!

Hey you!  Yeah, you!!  What are you doing this summer?  I know that binge watching Netflix on the couch or going to the beach for a week can be fun… But what if you had the opportunity to have a life-changing summer experience?  What if you had the chance to explore North America, Europe, or Israel, grow personally and Jewishly, become more involved in USY, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.? 

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How to Survive Your Senior Year in SWUSY by Swizzle Editor Eden Torbatian

Hey SWUSYites!

I think that most seniors’ checklists consist of the following items:

  1. Complete the application to ____ school.
  2. Find teachers to ask for letters of recommendation for my applied colleges.
  4. Find some more scholarships to apply to.
  5. Find out how much is housing at ___ school.
  6. Find a date and a dress for ...
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The Little Things by Rashi President and Kadima Koordinator Sam Shane (27)


It’s the little things that count. They keep adding up, and together they make up a big part of your memory. For me, it’s always been about the little things.

I’m very active in two youth groups: USY and BBYO. The very first day I joined BBYO and met my best friend, he said, “I like you. You’re gonna do great things.” A little thing. It’s the reason I became active in BBYO. In USY, former ...

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What Is the SA/TO Book Club? This Month’s SA/TO Down South by Allison Eisenberg


You may have heard about the SA/TO book club that is starting later this month. If so, you may be wondering what it is, and if you should join (you should!). I’m just going to take some time to answer some questions you might have about the book club, to try and encourage you to join!


What even is it? The SA/TO book club is a program in which we will read books and get ...

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A Word On Climate Change From Zeke Robinson

Imagine yourself taking a nap in a hammock hanging 20ft in the air attached to two trees in the Amazon Rainforest. The sun is shining down and monkeys are swinging in the air while jungle cats prowl around on the ground in the bushes and underbrush. The birds are chirping in the air and it’s misty outside with only a little bit of humidity and the hummingbirds are gathering pollen from beside your head. Now take that dream ...

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