SWUSY Social Action/Tikun Olam VP 2015-2016 – Jacob Laves


Hey SWUSY! What’s up guys, I’m a senior named Jacob and I’m the 2015-2016 Social Action/Tikkun Olam VP of the best region in USY. My first convention was SWUSY U back in 2013, and aside from LTI 2013 I haven’t missed a convention since then! I’m from Austin and am part of the AAUSY chapter, and when not doing USY stuff I’m a big fan of set building for theater, Model UN, and cleaning up parks. I’m a bit of a Disney nut, and Parks and Rec is my go to show but I honestly just love most movies. I went on USY on Wheels 2014 (Bus B) where I had the time of my life, and you’ll probably hear me talking about it a lot. Feel free to tell me to be quiet every once in awhile when I repeat Wheels stories.

I’m super pumped to be serving on REB this next year, and I can’t wait to hang out with all you awesome SWUSYites more. If you ever need to talk to somebody or want to just chill, my door is open. I can’t wait to help make this year one of SWUSY’s best!
If I had to hide a giraffe I would paint it, give it a lightbulb, and replace a streetlamp with it.