SWUSY Social Action/Tikun Olam VP 2014-2015 – Rachel Shapiro

Rachel Shapiro

Hello SWUSY! I am so excited to be serving as your 2014-2015 Regional Social Action and Tikun Olam VP!! SWUSY and USY are such a huge part of my life, and I know that we can do great things together this year. When I’m not hanging out in USY, I’m involved in many other things. I attend Anderson High School in Austin, Texas, and a member of choir, the speech and debate team, and Mind the Gap, a gender equality club. My favorite color is purple and my favorite food is macaroni and cheese. I love to read, and some of my favorite books include Harry Potter and anything by John Green. I also love making new friends and spending time with my old ones. I can’t wait to get to know all of you even better! If you ever have any questions or want to talk, please feel free to get in contact with me! I love all of you and I can’t wait for this amazing year!
-Rachel Shapiro