SWUSY Regional President 2016-2017 – Jacquie Mitzner









Hey SWUSY! I’m Jacquie Mitzner, your Regional President for 2016-2017. I am super excited to be working with this amazing region. SWUSY has given so much to me over these past years and I can’t wait to give back to it. I am from Dallas, Texas and I go to the Yavneh Academy of Dallas, which is a private Jewish day school. Outside of school I play basketball, I love creative writing, and I also play the ukulele. I am also obsessed with reading, so come talk to me about books! My favorite color is aqua (NOT TEAL, YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE),  and my favorite food is just Greek food in general. I also love country music, but also basically all music. I know this year will be absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to meet and get to know everyone better! I love you SWUSY!



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