Mem/Kad VP

SWUSY Membership/Kadima VP 2016-2017 – Sydney Suss



Hello SWUSY! It’s your regional Mem/Kad Sydney here to tell you a little bit about myself! I live in Austin, TX and am part of the AAUSY chapter. Like any other teenager, I am a very busy person. I play lacrosse, am an advocate for AIPAC, take hard classes in high school, and was a StandWithUs intern for the 2015-2016  year. I joined Kadima in 7th grade and since then have always been at convention. I have a huge passion for Judaism and I can say with absolute certainty I wouldn’t be like that without you guys. Family and USY are my life and I am so excited to get to spend the next year with all of you getting to be a leader together!


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