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SWUSY Communications VP 2017-2018 – Bayle Goldman


Shalom chaverim! My name is Bayle and I’m thrilled to be serving as your Regional Communications Vice President for the second time! I hail from Houston where I proudly serve as HouJew’s chapter president. I have enjoyed USY since 6th grade, and am thankful for every second of it. Some of my favorite USY experiences include International Convention and “Classic” USY on Wheels (shout out to Bus A 2017!). Outside of USY, I am in theatre, choir, dance, National Honor Society, Student Council, Senior Girls, and I’m editor of my school’s online newspaper. This year I look forward to spreading my passion for communications to every SWUSYite and finding new ways to show the world just how awesome SWUSY is. I’m a total chatterbox, so don’t be afraid to reach out to chat!


Bayle Rebecca Block Goldman

SWUSY Regional Communications VP 2017-2018



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