International Convention – NOLA 2013


Join us Dec 19 – 26!
Located in the heart of New Orleans, the 2013 USY International Convention is coming to the SWUSY Region for the first time ever! You won’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity! We hope that you’ll join us in NOLA this December!

Convention Highlights
Opening Session. USY’s Got Talent. NOLA Sightseeing. Jewish New Orleans. New and Old Friends. Summer Program & Ramah Reunions. Sugary Beignets. Community Service – Help Rebuild New Orleans. USY Mardi Gras Masquerade. Jazz and Jambalaya.

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Pricing and Packages
Please note that flight transportation costs are not included. Regional scholarship information will be made available shortly. Please speak with your advisors and Rabbis before asking for our limited regional scholarship.

Full Package (Dec 19-26) – $1050 

  • 8 Days of action packed programming including both PreConvention and Convention
  • PreConvention: Meet USYers from the CRUSY, CHUSY, and EMTZA regions while getting in extra sightseeing, and enjoying a special Shabbat.
  • A chance to be a part of the team making convention a success! Apply for a Host Region IC chairmanship!
  • Transportation from the airport to PreConvention, from PreConvention to Convention, and from Convention to the airport
  • A SWUSY Host Region T-shirt

Convention Only (December 22-26) – $885 

  • 5 Days of action packed programming including just Convention
  • Transportation from the airport to Convention, and from Convention to the airport
  • A SWUSY Host Region T-shirt

To sign up and to find out more information, please click here!



Past International Conventions:

2011′s 61st annual International Convention was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from December 25th to December 29th. From Southwest USY we had 14 representatives including 4 of the Regional Executive Board. As a whole the convention had just under 1000 USYers. The entire week was planned well and nearly all of the programs and events were terrific. The themes of the convention were Light up your Life to commemorate Chanukah and Derech Eretz, Jewish Ethics. The two themes flowed with the programming and I’m sure everyone had a lot of fun participating.

The convention had many programs and events that were simply stupendous. On the second night, all of the regions were split into regions and taught a song that they would sing to the rest of the convention. SWUSY was grouped with EMTZA and HAGALIL for their song. After a few of the regions sang their songs, Six13’s song Chanukah Rights started playing on the screen in the front of the room. And right in the middle of the song Six13 jumped from behind the screen and started singing live! It was truly spectacular. The live performance was amazing especially since one of the members was a USY Alumni.

Another amazing moment at the convention was something you wouldn’t expect. We were called into the Grand Ballroom to have a general session. As you would expect 1,000 Jewish teenagers can be quite much sometimes and most of the time it was a hassle trying to quiet everyone down. While everyone was being noisy the co-chairs were telling us what was next and it included a short poem by a former USYer Joseph Robbins. He was a tall, lanky young man. No older than 25. He jumped on the stage and just stared at us for a second. He began reciting this chilling poem about the holocaust and how we as Jews have been targeted all of our existence. He continued on and told all of us that through it all we have survived and that is what makes us unique. It was so inspiring and it was the first time all convention everyone was dead silent. If you want to experience the same chilling poem click here.

Right after the amazing poem, a speaker by the name of Marc Elliot got up to talk to us about tolerance. Marc was born with torrets and a rare disease that left him with only 4 feet of small intestines. He talked to the convention about how he learned to control his torrets and why being different isn’t a bad thing. We should all “live and let live”. We never know what is going on in other people’s lives and therefore we cannot judge them. He preached how everyone should be tolerant of other people’s differences. It was certainly inspiring to say the least.

Those are just a few of the amazing programs that IC provided. IC was overall a wonderful experience. If any USYer is looking to create lifelong friendships and wonderful memories, IC is the place to be. USY is simply the best. Hope to see you at IC:Boston 2012!