Fall Kallah/Kamp Kadima

Fall Kallah & Kamp Kadima 2015
SWUSY: The Game of Sweet Ruach
Camp Young Judaea Texas 

Join us Nov 20-22!
It’s SWUSY Game Night: Weekend Edition! Join us at Camp Young Judaea for a weekend full of board game themed fun and lots of new and old friends! Programming will include some of your favorite board games brought life size! Other weekend highlights include SWUSY Shabbat at camp, free time around camp (playground, sports, board games, and more), and many more great surprises

We’ll give you a CLUE… We are hard at work planning an incredible weekend that you’ll be SORRY if you miss! Yup, it’s a message from your convention chairs.

We want to make this convention the biggest and best ever!  After all, we shouldn’t have a MONOPOLY on fun! You can CONNECT 4 friends with USY/Kadima or TAKE 5 friends with you to camp. Don’t let your friends miss out on what could be the best weekend of their LIFE!

Ready, SET, GO! Put that CRANIUM to work and sign up today because you don’t want to RISK missing out! In fact – there is UNO person that convention wouldn’t be the same without, and that is you! If you have TROUBLE signing up, Maury can help!

As convention gets closer, your advisor will be in touch with instructions regarding your TICKET TO RIDE and other travel plans. We can’t wait to see you at camp!

Regpacks Online Application
SWUSY uses an online registration system through Regpacks. If you have a login and password from signing up for a past event please use the same login. Otherwise, you will need to create a new account. If you have any trouble with the registration process, please check out our FAQ or be in touch. Please make sure and keep track of your login information for future events.

Transportation, Scholarship, and Membership
transportation is organized on the chapter level.  Your chapter advisor should be in touch with information about the travel plans. Under certain circumstances, we can work out partial participation, though no one may come/go during Shabbat. If you plan to make separate travel plans from your chapter or need partial participation, you must clear it with both your advisor and Maury at least 2 weeks before convention.

Please be in touch with your chapter advisors if you would like to see if
scholarship is available. Each chapter has different policies and procedures.

Membership: All participants must be registered members of USY/Kadima before attending the convention. Be in touch with your chapter advisor to find out how to sign up!

Convention Fee


*$199 through Oct 8
*$215 from Oct 7 – Nov 3

*236 starting Nov 4

Fall Kallah – Jewish 9th – 12th graders. 
Kamp Kadima – Jewish 6th – 8th graders.

Friday, Nov 20 though Sunday, Nov 22

2:15 pm to 2:45 pm, Friday

Convention Ends
Noon, Sunday

Camp Young Judaea Texas
121 Camp Young Judaea Rd 
Wimberley, Texas 78676

Cancellation Policy
On or Before Oct 6: Full Refund

Oct 7 to Oct 26: $36 Retained

Oct 27 – Nov 5: $75 Retained   

On or After Nov 6: No Refund

Quick Links

Upcoming Programs

Convention Chairs
Miriam Bernstein, Fall Kallah
Zach Krasne, Fall Kallah
Kira Seelig, Fall Kallah
Adina Traub, Kamp Kadima
Sam Shane, Kamp Kadima

When: November 20 – 22, 2015, Registration: 2:15pm – 2:45pm, Convention Ends: Noon

Where: Camp Young Judaea, Texas (Wimberely, TX)

Who: Kamp Kadima (6th – 8th), Fall Kallah (9th – 12th)


  • The early bird price ($199) will be available until midnight central time on October 8th*.
  • The normal price ($215) will be available from October 9th* through November 3rd.
  • The late price ($236) will go into effect starting November 4th and spaces will be limited at that point.

*updated 9/22

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation on or before October 6th– Full Refund
  • Cancellation from October 7th through October 26th $36 Fee Retained
  • Cancellation from October 27th through November 5th – $75 Fee Retained
  • Cancellation on or after November 6th – No Refund

Sign Up: You can always sign up for any open conventions from the Events page!



Read about Fall Kallah / Kamp Kadima 2013! We grabbed our wizarding robes, wands, and kippot, and came together as SWUSY Region USY & Kadima for a weekend  full of friends, fun, and of course, magic! The co-chairs worked hard to make this event one that we’ll always remember. We were sorted into houses by the “Sorting Kippah”, played some quidditch, and participated in lots of other magical and Harry Potter themed activities!


Read about Fall Kallah / Kamp Kadima 2012! Fall Kallah, SWUSY’s first large-scale convention of the 2012-2013 year, was, as they say, a complete success! Taking place from November 16-18 at Camp Young Judea in Wimgerly, TX,  the theme of Retro Video Games made for great programs, decorations, prizes, and a healthy dose of nostalgia. Convention started with a bang as the tri-chairs, Emily Derozier, Benjy Karten, and Rachel Steiner, along with the Regional Executive Board performed a live-action video game medley. On Friday night, USYers bundled up and headed outside for a giant game of human Pacman – glowstick style! Shabbat began with three service options which caught the eye of every USYer in attendance, and Saturday night culminated with human Duck Hunt, Pong, and a ragin’ dance. Annual Fall Kallah senior auction raised over $1,200, and the seniors had as much fun redeeming their degrading and silly auction items as the rest of the USYers and Kadimanicks did buying them – and giving to Hurricane Sandy Relief and cancer research. “SA/TO rocks,” Senior Auction MC Gabby Kasner said. The Kadimanicks who attended Kamp Kadima didn’t miss out on all the fun, though! These youngsters rocked a video-game obstacle course and mastered the art of the pogo stick. They even tried their hand at acting in special performances of the parsha. Fall Kallah 2012 is a convention to remember, and everyone is buzzing with excitement for the next SWUSY masterpiece-of-a-convention.