Happy Passover from SWUSY

Maury Jacobs (RYD)/ April 22, 2016

  Dear SWUSYites and SWUSY families, We want to wish everyone a wonderful, meaningful Passover holiday. As we clean our homes and bodies of chametz and prepare to celebrate our amazing story of freedom, we hope that everyone will take the time to appreciate all the freedoms and joys we have in our lives today. We are thankful for each

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All About Purim by Hannah Zhrebker

Ilana Williams/ February 10, 2016

Hello SWUSY, Hannah Zhrebker here, talking to you about the upcoming Chag (holiday), Purim. I know it’s a month away, but there are things about Purim that some of you might not know, so I would like to tell you.   In the 4th century in Persia, there was King Achashverosh and Queen Vashti. One night, the King had his

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You Tu Can Learn About Tu B’Shevat! By Swizzle Editor Eden Torbatian

Ilana Williams/ January 25, 2016

  I think that we can all agree that winter is normally a very drab time of year. There is hardly any sunlight, cold weather, and most importantly, the trees are completely bare! But I think that one thing that many of us fail to realize is that trees have their own birthdays too! And the celebration of this birthday

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