Happy Passover from SWUSY

Maury Jacobs (RYD)/ April 22, 2016

  Dear SWUSYites and SWUSY families, We want to wish everyone a wonderful, meaningful Passover holiday. As we clean our homes and bodies of chametz and prepare to celebrate our amazing story of freedom, we hope that everyone will take the time to appreciate all the freedoms and joys we have in our lives today. We are thankful for each

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The Real Love Story of SWEMTZA by EMTZAnik Libby Fern

Ilana Williams/ March 11, 2016

  Once upon a time, in a state far away, two regions fell in love and slowly became one. (Okay maybe Maury and Ethan haven’t fully approved the merge, but we’re working on it.) Okay back to the story…   As a sophomore walking into my first International Convention knowing only EMTZA people, it was kind of scary. Being at

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Why IC Should Be For You by President Rachel Shapiro

Ilana Williams/ February 3, 2016

Why IC Should Be for You   In case you somehow haven’t heard, USY’s 2016 International Convention is going to be held in Dallas, TX!!  This is a huge deal, as SWUSY has only hosted IC once before, and it’s the first time that it will be in Texas.  Although IC is still almost a year away, and registration information

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Learn New Orleans Lingo With Comm Bayle Goldman!

Ilana Williams/ January 22, 2016

 In one week, SWUSY will be celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans! Get to know some popular lingo below so you can sound like a native next week! Ball (bal masque, tableau ball)- A Mardi Gras krewe’s formal event and dance Banquette (ban’ ket)- Sidewalk–French meaning a small bank along the road Bayou (by’ you)- Slow stream, or body of

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Why Go To Spring Kallah? By Mem/Kad Sydney Suss

Ilana Williams/ January 15, 2016

WHY SPRING?   “I’M A GOLDEN BOYYYYYYY, COME HERE TO ENJOYYYYY” I scream at the top of my lungs about 3 octaves off from the actual pitch of the song. I turn onto the road and take another sip of my tea. A flashback of IC sets into my head as I remember jumping up and down in my hotel

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Fall Kallah & Kamp Kadima Applications Avalable

Maury Jacobs (RYD)/ September 4, 2015

GUESS WHO? We’ll give you a CLUE… We are hard at work planning an incredible weekend that you’ll be SORRY if you miss! Yup, it’s a message from your convention chairs. We want to make this convention the biggest and best ever!  After all, we shouldn’t have a MONOPOLY on fun! You can CONNECT 4 friends with USY/Kadima or TAKE 5 friends

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