A Word On Climate Change From Zeke Robinson

Ilana Williams/ February 24, 2016

Imagine yourself taking a nap in a hammock hanging 20ft in the air attached to two trees in the Amazon Rainforest. The sun is shining down and monkeys are swinging in the air while jungle cats prowl around on the ground in the bushes and underbrush. The birds are chirping in the air and it’s misty outside with only a

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What USY Is To Sydney Wigder

Ilana Williams/ February 22, 2016

There is a certain feeling that was recently described to me that I didn’t know existed. When you feel so happy that you could cry. This is the feeling I get when I get to a SWUSY Convention. Seeing everyone for the first time in months, some of them my best friends, is just the greatest feeling in the world,

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All About Purim by Hannah Zhrebker

Ilana Williams/ February 10, 2016

Hello SWUSY, Hannah Zhrebker here, talking to you about the upcoming Chag (holiday), Purim. I know it’s a month away, but there are things about Purim that some of you might not know, so I would like to tell you.   In the 4th century in Persia, there was King Achashverosh and Queen Vashti. One night, the King had his

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Don’t Fear- Go To Israel by Nathan Bishop

Ilana Williams/ February 8, 2016

Hello SWUSY, Nathan here, your 2015-2016 Programming/Israel Affairs Vice President. I want to take a moment and tell y’all a little bit about what has been going on in Israel over the past four and a half months, 30 Israelis have been murdered and 301 wounded by terrorists. There have been 83 stabbing attacks, 22 vehicle ramming attacks, and 15

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Why IC Should Be For You by President Rachel Shapiro

Ilana Williams/ February 3, 2016

Why IC Should Be for You   In case you somehow haven’t heard, USY’s 2016 International Convention is going to be held in Dallas, TX!!  This is a huge deal, as SWUSY has only hosted IC once before, and it’s the first time that it will be in Texas.  Although IC is still almost a year away, and registration information

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