State of AAUSY, by AAUSY president Jacob Laves

Bayle Goldman/ January 29, 2016

Every morning when I leave my room I pass a gavel hanging on my wall that reads “AAUSY President’s Gavel”. Every morning when I check my phone’s calendar I see a schedule packed with AAUSY events, and every morning I am more confident than the day before that AAUSY is a strong thriving chapter. This has never been more true

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You Tu Can Learn About Tu B’Shevat! By Swizzle Editor Eden Torbatian

Bayle Goldman/ January 25, 2016

  I think that we can all agree that winter is normally a very drab time of year. There is hardly any sunlight, cold weather, and most importantly, the trees are completely bare! But I think that one thing that many of us fail to realize is that trees have their own birthdays too! And the celebration of this birthday

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Learn New Orleans Lingo With Comm Bayle Goldman!

Bayle Goldman/ January 22, 2016

 In one week, SWUSY will be celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans! Get to know some popular lingo below so you can sound like a native next week! Ball (bal masque, tableau ball)- A Mardi Gras krewe’s formal event and dance Banquette (ban’ ket)- Sidewalk–French meaning a small bank along the road Bayou (by’ you)- Slow stream, or body of

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SA/TO Down South by Ava Feer

Bayle Goldman/ January 20, 2016

A letter from Jacob: Even before the revival of the Swizzle, SA/TO Down South has been a cornerstone of SWUSY. It’s changed through the years and had many different authors, but at its heart SA/TO Down South has always maintained the same goal: to educate the region about Social Action issues in our region, in our country, and across the

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Why Go To Spring Kallah? By Mem/Kad Sydney Suss

Bayle Goldman/ January 15, 2016

WHY SPRING?   “I’M A GOLDEN BOYYYYYYY, COME HERE TO ENJOYYYYY” I scream at the top of my lungs about 3 octaves off from the actual pitch of the song. I turn onto the road and take another sip of my tea. A flashback of IC sets into my head as I remember jumping up and down in my hotel

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Wheels Wednesday; A Word From REC Jacquie Mitzner

Bayle Goldman/ January 13, 2016

Forty-three USYers. Five staff. Six and a half weeks. One family. These things are what changed my life for good; for the better. This past summer, I was extremely fortunate to spend my summer on USY on Wheels Bus A. For anyone who may not know, USY on Wheels is a six and a half week trip around the U.S.,

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