iKadima: The Messages we Send the World (Feb 28 – March 2)

Maury Jacobs (RYD)/ January 14, 2014

Are you ready to see your favorite phone apps and games come to life? Join SWUSY Kadima as we spend Shabbat together in Houston with new and old friends from all over the region. We’ll compete in the first ever MaccabiApp, explore how texting, Instagram, and Facebook connect with our Judaism, and of course have lots of fun! Click here for

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Spring Kallah in El Paso

Maury Jacobs (RYD)/ January 10, 2014

Spring Kallah applications are available. Join us in El Paso for “The Hunger Games”! We’ll be having fun while competing in our own version of the Hunger Games, and helping the community while volunteering at the local food bank. We’ll have some life size Hungry Hungry Hippos and so much more! Sign up today!